My Name is Hannah I am 23 years old, and Gay...I am a very quiet person, i just am thats who i am and i dont intend to change who i am to make someone happy.... i am who i am, like it or leave it... i love to write poetry.... I forgive, but i wont forget... Im an easy person to get along with... If you take the time & patience to get to know me you'll find that i am very caring and unique... You wont find anyone else like me, once you get to really know who I AM. I Love helping people in ANYWAY that i can... I have a extremely HUGE heart... Ive been told by many that i am a great listener a great friend to have and that i am very understanding & caring and unique.... I Love my friends, without them id fall forever.... and never land.....I LOVE TATTOOS AND PIERCINGS, the more the better.....It is VERY attractive as well on girls :) i am a very hopeless romantic, i love cuddling, and holding my partner all the time, i am a Pisces so im emotional and sensitive, im really introverted. I keep to myself a lot, but if you get to know me, know me, that does change... simply in a relationship all i ask for is TRUST...thats its.. i want to be able to trust you.. i want Someone that will love me for me No questions asked Someone that'll treat me the way i should be treated.... TRUST, LOVE, and RESPECT.... But if you want to know more, im sure i would tell you and im sure i would like to know more about you too . Im tired of being single... i hate being alone, nothings worse. Im a quiet, introverted type of person. Im a pisces [and if you read about my sign, its me to a T]. Ive been through alot so far in my life, but if it wasnt for all the hard times, i wouldnt be as strong and level headed as i am today. Life is hard, and its easy, thats life and you have to accept that. I still live with my dad, i dont choose to but i have to, i dont have the money right now to afford my own place. Im very respectful and loyal. I love to listen to people and actually listen and give advice, if needed. I love ALL types of music, as long as the lyrics and the music makes me enjoy it then i will listen to it. I smoke cigarettes [currently trying to quit], and drink recreationally. I like to go out sometimes to clubs and bars [not every single weekend, but like twice a month i am not a partier anymore really] Im a shy person at first, but once you get to know me, i dont shut up. i have a decent sarcastic sense of humor. i would do ANYTHING for my friends and family. I want to have kids one day, but not until im like 26 or 27. As of right now my only child is my kitty, my MeMe, i love her like a daughter :) i have an obnoxious laugh, lol. I love to write and cook, they are my main favorite hobbies. I just want to meet someone that will love me for me not for my looks, because looks can fade away within a matter of seconds. ANYONE can lose weight/gain weight... get in a car accident and become paralyzed, so i dont base my relationships on looks, i base it on their heart and mind. [if only everyone was like that, right?] i dont ask for much in a relationship, all i ask for is your respect and your trust, whcih is the easiest thing in the world to do. I cannot stand people that are disrespectful in ANYWAY, its very un-attractive... and rude. i hate bad manners and liars. i have anxiety, and sometimes it can cripple me, but for the most part ive learned to control it, most of the times anyways.... i am a extremely patient woman, its sick how patient i can be lol... .... i just wanna be with someone that is like me... they say opposites attract, well i do not believe that at all., how could opposites attract, serioulsy. they would just fight all the time, and wouldnt agree on ANYTHING, ever... I dont know, i dont label myself, im just Hannah AKA Beezy... I DONT TAKE LIFE SERIOUS AT ALL, BECAUSE WE ONLY GOT ONE LIFE, MINE AS WELL MAKE THE MOST OF IT